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The melon (Cucumis melo) is a herbaceous monoecious plant with creeping stems. It is cultivated for its fruit, a pepónide berry of summery season with a great content of water and of sweet flavor.


We could keep the more technical description of the melon, we could think that we are in front of a melon eliquid that tries to recreate that flavor of the fruit, but no. SWEET HOME will make you rethink the flavor of this fruit, and that is that today promises to be one of the liquids that are for a long time in the TOP of THE CELLAR JUICE.

The description tells us: The perfect balance between a sweet melon with a citrus hint wich will discover you an unimaginable sensations mix on your palate.

More than a melon, more than a fruit tree, more than a citrus, more than an eliquid. SWEET HOME threatens to be one of your favorite liquids!